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Charity launches Brain Test Britain

Charity launches Brain Test Britain
9th September 2009

The Alzheimer's Society has joined forces with the BBC's Lab UK to launch Brain Test Britain, which aims to find out if brain training can work for people with the condition.

Launched earlier this week on BBC One and ongoing online and on TV, Brain Test Britain will look into if or how brain training can improve or maintain the brain's capacity in the face of the disease.

Richard McCourt, children's presenter in Dick and Dom and an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society, said he has always wondered if any brain training gadgets and games really work for those with the condition.

He explained: "I'm looking forward to being trained up and finding out a lot more about how our brains function.

"The more we know about the brain, the nearer we'll come to finding a cure for dementia - and that's the reason why I want to be involved."

Despite the ongoing tests, the Alzheimer's Society still asserts the importance of a healthy diet and no smoking or drinking can help reduce the risk of dementia the most in people across the UK.

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