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Charity calls for social care funding increase

Charity calls for social care funding increase
14th November 2008

An elderly people's charity has called for more money to be allocated to the funding of social care.

Many older people are not receiving the market rate in the contributions towards their care home costs they are given by local authorities, according to new research from Age Concern.

The charity has stated that an extra £1 billion should be allocated in the pre-budget report for the provision of places in good-quality care homes.

Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern, said it is an "utterly unacceptable" situation if elderly people are unable to receive adequate funds for a place at a good care home.

If family members are contributing extra cash towards their loved ones' places in care homes, Mr Lishman argued, "it should be because they feel their family member deserves the best - not because there is a gaping hole in the care budget".

The charity was in the news last week as it warned that the problem of fuel poverty will not be solved by a reliance on consumers switching providers.

It added that a lack of access to the best online deals is disproportionately penalising many pensioners who are most in need of help.

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