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Charity calls on politicians to help elderly

10th January 2007

Help the Aged Scotland has called on politicians to make a New Year's resolution to help older people in the region.

The charity said the Scottish parliament should commit to six key areas including working to avoid winter deaths, ensuring protection from abuse and neglect and increasing benefit take-up.

Other resolutions focus on encouraging the provision of low-level health services, reforming council tax and ensuring the ageing population strategy is fully implemented.

"Although good work has been done in a couple of these areas, there are still many older people who suffer from more than one of these problems and as a result are being deprived of the opportunity to enjoy life properly," said Help the Aged Scotland's policy and parliamentary affairs manager Susanne Cameron-Nielsen.

"The roots of these problems can and must be tackled now, if Scotland's older people are to be able to enjoy their later years, especially in view of the country's ageing population."

Over 40 politicians in Scotland have signed the New Year's Resolutions campaign, after the charity harnessed support in last year's political conference season.