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Charity: Alzheimer's drugs can relieve carer burden

Charity: Alzheimer's drugs can relieve carer burden
16th October 2008

Enabling Alzheimer's patients to use appropriate drug treatments can help relieve the burden on carers, a charity has said.

Alzheimer's drugs can have the effect of saving carers an hour each day in carer time, which represents an important reduction in the burden they face, argued Neil Hunt, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society.

He suggested that the current system for making drugs available in the UK is "too rigid" and needs to take a broader view of quality of life.

Mr Hunt said: "We need to drop this 'one size fits all' approach and find a new way of evaluating treatments for conditions like dementia, where quality of life is more complex."

A Barchester care home, meanwhile, has received praise in a national newspaper for the levels of dementia care it provides to residents.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Bel Mooney said she felt "privileged" to have spent time at St Thomas' care home in Basingstoke, where she said staff preserved "the dignity of every single resident".

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