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Charities launch event to raise awareness of older people

Charities launch event to raise awareness of older people
29th July 2009

Age Concern and Help the Aged have launched the Great Sunday Lunch, an event aimed at raising money for the charities to help older people finding themselves at a disadvantage this winter.

Taking place on October 18th, the function aims to host several events across the nation but the charities also hope that many others will take the initiative to raise cash for those who need it most, such as individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Organisers stated: "The Great Sunday Lunch is all about family, friends and neighbours getting together to enjoy lunch and raising platefuls of money for Age Concern and Help the Aged.

"Just invite some guests to a Great Sunday Lunch and ask them to show their appreciation by making a donation."

People have been given a few ideas on money-raising initiatives, such as playing games for £1 a go, bidding for the privilege of avoiding the washing up or paying to avoid a serving of Brussels sprouts.

Earlier this week, Age Concern and Help the Aged said that the government needs to step up and end the rise in pensioner poverty in the UK, following figures from the European Commission.

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