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Charities back new govt scheme

Charities back new govt scheme
28th July 2009

A pair of charities have welcomed new measures introduced by the Department of Health to prevent poor foot health in older people across the UK.

Charity director for Age Concern and Help the Aged Michelle Mitchell said the organisations welcome the Department of Health's emphasis on maintaining well-being in later life through this measure.

She explained that people over 65 are the fastest-growing age group in the UK and as a result, illness and disability in later life must be tackled with more gusto than before, starting with smaller factors.

However, Ms Mitchell said that those in elderly care or home care should not be denied foot care services due to a lack of money, as costs should "never be a barrier".

She continued: "Shifting the focus to prevent health problems rather than just responding to crises makes good sense for everyone.

"More preventative services need to be made available to all older people who need them‚ free at the point of use and regardless of where they live in the country."

Age Concern launched Feet for Purpose in 2007, highlighting how older people are being left housebound and disabled by a lack of foot care services across the nation - gaining the backing of 30 MPs along the way.

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