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Champion for elderly rights is ready for action

Champion for elderly rights is ready for action
30th April 2008

Britain's first official champion for elderly rights has declared that she is ready for business.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Ruth Marks, who was appointed to the position of commissioner for older persons in January, has pledged to challenge all public bodies in Wales to "do better by older people".

Ms Marks revealed that she has received more than 400 letters from elderly people or their carers raising issues such as health and social care costs, transport, accommodation, hospital waiting lists and finances.

The office will receive an annual budget of £1.5 million, rising to £1.8 million.

Director of Age Concern Cymru Robert Taylor told the news provider: "She will also need to challenge the provision of health and social care services for older people in Wales, where currently the quality and quantity of care received is largely dependent on where you live and not on what you need."

This follows news that an Age Concern survey revealed the quality of care that people will receive when they reach old age is a great concern for many UK adults.

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