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Chalfont Lodge decks out for summer

8th March 2007

With spring fast approaching, Barchester's Chalfont Lodge has opened a new decking terrace giving residents at the Buckinghamshire home a place to sit back and chill out in the sun.

The terrace overlooking the lake was opened by general manager Rhys Evans on March 1st, which activities organiser Barbara Hughes described as "a windy but dry St David's day".

She added: "The area was decorated with yellow balloons and daffodils. Residents and staff enjoyed a glass of champagne as Rhys cut the yellow ribbon.

"Let us hope we have a good summer to enjoy this new facility."

Elsewhere at Chalfont Lodge, resident Helen Sheppard, who is in a wheelchair, has been helping out as an administrator at Wycombe General Hospital.

"Not only do I get paid but I have a purpose to my life and my confidence has increased enormously," Ms Sheppard said. "I am not ready to drive yet, that is my next goal. Then who knows."

Ms Hughes described Ms Sheppard as "an inspiration to staff and residents at Chalfont Lodge".

"Not only does she work, she does the crossword at the weekend with other residents and represents the young disabled unit at resident's meetings," she said.