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Carers' online conference may double attendees

22nd November 2006

A conference to discuss care services in Hertfordshire is to be broadcast live over the internet tomorrow.

The move has been made in order to ensure that all carers who wish to contribute – but cannot attend – are able to have their say.

Estimations of audience numbers are already suggesting that the number of attendees to the meeting will double as a consequence of the broadcast.

Hertfordshire's multi-agency carers strategy has been the subject of consultation for the last six months and this discussion phase will be drawn to a close by the conference.

Remote attendees will be able to watch the speeches and submit their comments via the county council's website.

"Seeking the views and learning from the experiences of carers in Hertfordshire is one of the best ways for us to provide support that meets their needs," said councillor Sally Newton.

"We recognise that not everyone wanting to have their say on the multi-agency carers strategy will be able to get to Hatfield, so the webcast is an innovative and effective way of ensuring as many people are involved in the consultation as possible."

In addition, three carers' centres will be showing the webcast for those who do not have internet access at home.