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Carers 'face health problems'

Carers 'face health problems'
16th October 2009

Carers are being hit personally by health problems which may prevent them from giving the best quality of support to dependents, a leading expert has said, perhaps highlighting the importance of care homes.

Director of policy at Carers UK Emily Holzhausen explained that people who are providing large amounts of daily care to their counterparts, including those with dementia, do so for 15 hours or more and are twice as likely to suffer the effects of ill health in both the short and long-term.

She explained that many of the organisation's members have been hit by nervous breakdowns, while others have hurt themselves lifting and moving because they are without adequate help, equipment and support.

Ms Holzhausen added: "That's left them with lasting chronic illness and disabilities and yet they still have to continue caring.

"It's very important that support is put in early on so they don't end up with these types of health problems which are all preventable."

The comments follow recent research carried out by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care, which revealed that around £40 million of the £50 million allocated by the government for supporting carers is failing to reach them.

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