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Career development award given to Parkinson's researcher

Career development award given to Parkinson's researcher
27th August 2009

The efforts of one scientist looking to improve the lives of people with Parkinson's disease have been recognised, resulting in the individual receiving funding.

Dr Emma Stack of the University of Southampton is to receive £183,000 from the Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) for research into why those with the neurodegenerative disorder are so prone to falling down on a regular basis.

Her studies will focus on two areas: the kind of activities that are likely to cause most problems for a person's mobility and balance, as well as barriers which prevent people with Parkinson's from taking part in certain activities.

Commenting on her research, Dr Stack told the PDS: "By understanding what causes falls outside the home, we hope to create safer environments for people with Parkinson's and their carers to take part in leisure and exercise, which we know can make a real difference to quality of life."

Mali Jenkins founded the PDS back in 1969, setting up the first local branch of the charity in Tunbridge Wells in 1970.

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