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Care workers deserve recognition

8th February 2006

The hard work and commitment that goes into improving the quality of life for elderly people in care homes needs to be recognised and rewarded.

The chief executive of the English Community Care Association has highlighted the positive side of the care industry, calling for recognition of improvements.

Martin Green made his comments in light of recent reports into the prescribing of drugs within homes and the standard of staff training.

Speaking to Channel Four's News at Noon, Mr Green argued that not enough attention was brought to the positive work done by workers and the care industry.

"I don't think people realise what a complex job it is and what a multiplicity of skills you need in order to perform it well," he explained.

"What we have got to do is look at how we both remunerate and reward people in the sector but also give them the proper status that's appropriate to the level of support that they offer to some very vulnerable people."

Mr Green added that although extra funding had been made available for some parts of the health service, the care homes sector was not seeing any extra resources.