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Care industry needs funding and support

10th February 2006

The government must follow-up on promises to help the care industry raise current standards and increase staff training.

Nadra Ahmed, chair of the National Care Association, has argued that additional funding and support must be provided to ensure that the care industry is able to improve.

Following calls for staff training to be increased and for workers to be properly registered, Ms Ahmed said that it was also the government's responsibility.

She pointed out that many workers are living on the minimum wage and that some were not provided with access to training programmes, adding that the cost of professionalisation must be considered.

Referring to the work of care inspectors, Ms Ahmed said that a system of follow-up visits would ensure that improvements were made and the message over meeting standards was clear.

"It's no point going in, inspecting, using it as a statistic and then not doing anything about it … this is not something that we can do as a light touch inspection. This is a major issue," she told BBC One's Breakfast.