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Care home trends 'highlight dementia issues'

Care home trends 'highlight dementia issues'
18th September 2009

A new report has highlighted that the number of care home places is likely to grow in coming months, underlining the need for third-party top-ups in coming months and years.

Responding to this, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society Neil Hunt explained that Laing & Buisson's Care of Elderly People survey suggests care home place demand will grow markedly in the coming months.

This, in turn, highlights the need for dementia to be addressed moreso as the majority of people living in care homes have some form of the neurodegenerative condition, thus making it "essential" for staff across the country to get up-to-date training to provide good dementia care.

Mr Hunt, who promoted the National Dementia Strategy for England, said: "We are also concerned about the number of people paying top ups to fund dementia care. Local authorities and care homes must negotiate a price that reflects the true cost of caring for people with dementia."

The National Dementia Strategy outlines 17 recommendations that the government wants to see applied to dementia care services in the next five years, including dementia advisers to support people with the condition and bigger public awareness campaigns.

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