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Care home standards

8th June 2007

Cases of abuse and neglect in care homes have prompted Counsel and Care to highlight the fact that the "vast majority" of those in care homes are well looked after.

Counsel and Care is charity supporting older people, their carers and families. They provide information, advice and financial support.

The charity has said that for many older people, who may be frail or suffering from mental problems, the need for high quality care is paramount.

Stephen Burke, chief executive of Counsel and Care, said of recent care controversies: "It might prompt people to raise the quality and standards of care homes.

"Remember that 400,000 people are living in care homes in this country at the moment and the vast majority are getting a good service, are well looked after and have a good quality of care.

"That's the broader perspective."

He went on to highlight the work of the Commission for Social Care and Inspection, which is responsible for regulating care homes. Many people are unaware of its role in ensuring care standards are met.