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Care home observation to improve policies

12th December 2005

Ministers will learn more about the reality of delivering care through observing care home staff and use the experience to improve the implementation of care policies.

Following concerns over the cost and delivery of the Scottish Executives' free personal care policy, MSPs are to take part in an inspection process.

Although the inspections will be carried out by the Care Commission, the health committee believes it will be useful for ministers to observe how the system works in everyday life.

"Free personal care for the elderly was one of the landmark decisions of the first Parliament," committee convener Roseanna Cunningham told the Press Association.

"We want to see how it is working in practice and whether it is delivering what was promised."

Ms Cunningham explained that the work of the Care Commission and its standards of inspection would also be assessed and underlined the importance of caring for the country's older generation.

She acknowledged the recent claims over escalating costs and said that the committee was keen to listen to all views and "hear from those who have experience of free personal care and the Care Commission".