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Cancer care plans announced by government

Cancer care plans announced by government
3rd December 2007

The government has today unveiled a five-year strategy to introduce a new system of cancer care.

Plans were unveiled by health secretary Alan Johnson to offer improved support services for sufferers. An investment of £370 million by 2010 has also been proposed.

Gordon Brown described the plan as "a road map to a higher standard of care available to all" and a way of showing that his government saw fighting the disease as a priority.

The prime minister said: "Groundbreaking advances in our understanding of cancer and its treatment are leading to significant advances in the quality of care and treatment which cancer patients receive."

The proposals are to include providing more funds for radiotherapy services and to enhance drug approval.

Breast and bowel cancer screenings are to be extended while clampdowns on sunbeds and cigarette vending machines have also been suggested.

Latest figures show that cancer survival rates have improved but more people are getting the disease. Approximately 125,000 people each year die as a result of contracting cancer.