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Can your dog help you get fit?

Can your dog help you get fit?
3rd July 2012

One of the things that often prevents older adults from getting fit is the belief that they are unable to do what they view as 'exercise'.

While running or going to the gym is an intimidating thought for many, there are activities that are suitable for people no matter their level of fitness.

Walking is a great example of one of these activities and it can also be great fun, especially if done with a dog.

Going walking with a four legged friend is a brilliant way to get out of the house and to stop a pooch from piling on the pounds in the process.

Sarah Gould of Monster Pet Supplies explained: "Developing a fitness routine which sympathises with the health requirements of your pet can be a great idea.

"Walking or jogging with your dog, for example, can be a great source of exercise and promote a healthy heart for both of you."

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