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Calls for specific dementia training

11th June 2007

Hospitals and care homes must address the specific needs of those suffering from dementia, the Alzheimer's Society said today.

The charity has called for a national strategy for dealing with the disease, including increased training for those caring for sufferers.

This would enable care to be specific to the illness, giving sufferers the best quality of life possible.

A spokesperson for the Alzheimer's Society said: "Evidence does suggest that dementia care training is very much needed in care homes to help raise the standard of care.

"We do feel that marked improvements are needed in care in general and that the care system is already overstretched

"What we are calling for is a national plan into dementia that will help improve the services that are out there."

She went on to explain that such a strategy would involve support for carers, and greater public awareness about the condition, as the rate of people diagnosed with dementia looks set to double over the coming decades.

Her comments follow a report by the Mental Welfare Commission of Scotland, which recommended that hospital-based care for patients with severe dementia should be driven by patient need rather than resources.