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Is caffeine beneficial for older muscles?

Is caffeine beneficial for older muscles?
29th June 2012

People are consistently warned about the dangers of caffeine, but it appears that the substance could have benefits for the muscles of older adults.

Researchers at Coventry University claim that caffeine boosts the power of older muscles and can act as a stimulant to allow the elderly to maintain their strength.

This will in turn reduce the risk of falls, which often pose a significant mortality threat to older adults.

It was discovered that caffeine can help muscles to produce more force when researchers isolated muscles in mice of different ages and tested their performance before and after caffeine treatment.

Jason Tallis, the study's primary author, said: "With the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle to preserve health and functional capacity, the performance-enhancing benefit of caffeine could prove beneficial in the aging population."

Building up muscle strength can also be achieved through a sustainable and healthy diet and exercise regime.

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