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Bus drivers given training to help passengers with dementia

Bus drivers given training to help passengers with dementia
19th December 2012

Bus drivers across Britain are being trained about dementia so that they have a better understanding and can help passengers with the condition.

Around 3,000 drivers from the FirstGroup transport company will have undertaken the training by the end of February 2013, the BBC reports.

The training process involves ensuring that the drivers are aware of how dementia affects people with the disease and the company enlisted the help of the Alzheimer's Society to assist with the training programme.

Those running the training use exercises to demonstrate how frustrating dementia is to a person with the condition and how it robs them of their most treasured memories. Some of the drivers have admitted that they found the training emotional and difficult to discuss.

Participants were also given tips to make people with dementia feel more at ease by smiling, engaging in eye contact and allowing them to sit down.

A FirstGroup driver who participated in the course, Krystyna Ryan, said: "Drivers need to be able to help their passengers who have any health issue - and dementia especially, because it's not always recognised or spoken about."