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BT develops computer for the elderly

1st May 2007

BT has developed a motion sensing computer aimed at those with limited movement, named BT Balance.

It works using a motion sensing device which can be plugged into any laptop. The user can then move and tilt the machine to operate it.

It can also be used in the style of a book, on which the user can 'turn pages'.

BT researcher, David Chatting, said: "We want to give people access to different services in as simple a manner as possible.

"PCs are still very complicated. We are interested in the older user who is slightly fearful of this technology. The PC, monitor and mouse puts them off," reports the BBC.

Adam Oliver, head of age and disability research for BT, said: "Standard ways of controlling PC applications can be too complicated, so we decided to use the analogy of a book to work with.

"What we ended up with gives you the same look and feel of picking up a book and reading it but in a 3-D format."

He explained that the new device has "obvious implications for those who are disabled or elderly and have difficulty using a fiddly laptop keyboard or mouse".