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Brits 'too busy' to see ageing relatives

Brits 'too busy' to see ageing relatives
11th June 2008

One in four British adults assert that they are too busy to visit an elderly parent, a new report has shown.

A survey commissioned by Help the Aged and the Zurich Community Trust reveals that one in five adults never speak to their elderly fathers at all.

It revealed that, while almost half of people would like to see their fathers more often, two in five live too far away to aid their ageing parent.

Amy Swan, policy officer for Help the Aged, commented that there are 400,000 older men experiencing loneliness.

"Nothing can substitute human contact to combat isolation and loneliness ... We can all play a part in helping alleviate the social isolation felt by so many older people in the UK today," she added.

Recently, research published by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group showed that socialising can be useful for older woman as it helps ward off dementia and keeps their minds active.