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Breakthrough in MND announced

Breakthrough in MND announced
4th March 2009

A new collaborative study between King's College London and the University of Massachusetts has discovered a mutated gene which is linked to the inheritance of motor neurone disease (MND).

The knowledge may enable scientists to look into the familial link presented by MND and may be able to work on microbiological engineering to prevent the defective gene being passed down a generation.

Research manager at the MND Association Belinda Cupid said the new discovery - making it the second major breakthrough this year - highlighted the accelerating speed of research around the globe.

She continued: "Not only will it open up an entirely new avenue of scientific investigation, it will also allow researchers to compare the different known causes of MND and start to home in on the main biochemical events that cause motor neurones to die."

Last week, David Boland, an avid bike rider, informed the East Kilbride News that he would be cycling from Geneva to London in an attempt to raise money for MND and he plans to cover 100 miles a day in his trek.

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