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Bone strengthening drug offers hope for elderly

1st March 2006

A new study claims that older people's bones could be fortified with bone-strengthening injections every two years.

Denomusab, an experimental drug which imitates a natural bone-regulating protein, was given to older women over a period of twelve months by researchers at the Providence Medical Centre in the US.

The report, to be published tomorrow in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that the patients who were given the drug found that their bones became significantly denser, reports the Oregonian.

Dr Michael Clung, who led the study, said that although the new drug has be tested more thoroughly, it offers hope in the fight against brittle bones among older people.

He explained that although there are several pills available to fight bone loss, most patients stop using them within the year, either due to forgetfulness or because they worry about the side effects.

Human bones constantly renew themselves, but as people get older, the dissolving of bone gradually outpaces growth.