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Blunkett 'arrested' to raise dementia funds

Blunkett 'arrested' to raise dementia funds
15th September 2008

Labour MP David Blunkett has been "arrested" as part of a dementia fundraising drive.

The former home secretary - along with various other well-known Sheffield faces - was taken to the city's crown court and ordered to raise £1,000 "bail" money to avoid being locked up, the BBC website reports.

It was all done in aid of local dementia charity Lost Chord.

According to the news provider, among the local bigwigs who were "arrested" as part of the innovative fundraiser was the council's head of legal services Frances Woodhead, who joked that she was certainly not accustomed to being on the wrong side of the law.

"The prospect of jail isn't one I relish, so we are working tirelessly to raise the cash for Lost Chord and to make a difference to dementia sufferers across South Yorkshire," she added.

Meanwhile, the singer Cliff Richard has spoken of his difficult experiences seeing his mother suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

The famous crooner told the Daily Mail that the "wonderful, vibrant" woman became a shell of her former self as she fell victim to the condition.

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