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Blood protein 'marker for cardiovascular events'

Blood protein 'marker for cardiovascular events'
11th April 2011

Blood protein levels could forecast the risk of a cardiovascular event, new research has indicated, potentially lessening the likelihood of future dependence on home care.

A study, published in the European Heart Journal, found that increased blood pressure levels could predict a major cardiovascular event in patients with a high heart risk.

Senior author Dr Subodh Verma explained that the plasma rennin activity (PRA) blood marker allows for the identification of people at a higher risk of a cardiovascular event, which other factors such as genetics and environment may not.

"The next step will be to move into larger trials with PRA therapies and study whether or not this impacts the cardiovascular death rate. This could be a big step forward in our battle against heart disease," he said.

Meanwhile, 13 new genes linked to heart disease have been identified, according to research published online in Nature Genetics.

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