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Blackcurrants 'may help protect against Alzheimer's'

Blackcurrants 'may help protect against Alzheimer's'
6th October 2008

Eating blackcurrants as part of a healthy diet might offer some protection against Alzheimer's disease, it has been suggested.

Scientists in New Zealand found compounds in the fruit may block cell damage which leads to the disease, reports Angela Epstein, writing for the Daily Mail.

Furthermore, the blackcurrant was hailed as a "superfruit", she adds, after it was found by the Scottish Crop Research Institute to contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than 20 other fruits.

Ms Epstein says: "Numerous studies point to their health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and cutting the risk of cancer."

She continues: "A US study found the berries contain the compound pterostilbene, which could fight colon cancer."

Frankie Phelps from the British Dietetic Association recently stated that people are still able to enjoy a healthy diet without it costing too much money.

The expert pointed out that fruit and vegetables which are frozen, tinned or dried all count towards the five-a-day guideline.

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