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Big Care Debate highlights need for Parkinson's involvement

Big Care Debate highlights need for Parkinson's involvement
21st August 2009

A leading British charity is calling for its members and other people who know of the condition to speak up and help the government in its aims to develop levels of care further.

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) explained that the government's Big Care Debate is looking to extend its proposals for social care, with the organisation asking for the views of those with key knowledge to answer the charity's Big Care Questionnaire.

Two key areas which need addressing are the National Care Service - which has proposals to the way social care is funded - and the future of the attendance allowance, which could be scrapped to pay for these reforms.

The PDS said of the National Care Service plans: "This would address many inequalities in social care around the country. These inequalities currently mean that many people with Parkinson's miss out on essential support."

People wanting to contribute to the questionnaire can do so before September 30th 2009.

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