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"Best practice" care guide launched

6th June 2008

A new guide which claims to be the "definitive" guide to best practice in care homes has been launched.

The 'Best Practice in Care Homes – What is the Evidence' booklet has been published by My Home Life.

It aims to summarise the best advice that carers can follow to ensure that care home residents are treated with dignity and respect.

The booklet covers such topics as achieving quality of life for people living, dying, visiting and working in care homes for older people.

Speaking about the new advice, My Home Life's executive director Professor Julie Meyer said: "While there is already lots of evidence of good practice within care homes, some staff and managers feel undervalued and overburdened by regulation and struggle to respond to the needs and wishes of increasingly frail residents."

She added that they group is aiming to stop improving care being an "uphill struggle" and promote care homes as a positive option for elderly people.

It was previously reported by the BBC that talking to dementia patients regularly helps improve their quality of life.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection told the news provider that it is attempting to assess the extent to which care homes are doing so.