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Beneficial side effects of depression treatment

14th February 2006

Depression treatments have been found to have beneficial side effects in easing arthritis pains.

Sufferers of joint pain and swelling as well as depression have reported relief from the degenerative joint disease thanks to depression medication say US researchers, reports the PakTribune.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that arthritis symptoms were eased after a year of medication and therapy aimed at treating their depression.

The authors of the research have welcomed the unexpected findings and say that the findings could be used to develop new, separate treatments for the problem.

Dr Elizabeth Lin, the study's lead author, explained: "This was a very interesting, somewhat unexpected benefit of depression treatment. This was not something that we knew we would find.

"We were just so delighted to see improvement in the arthritis area."

Arthritis affects a number of older people and can make everyday activities very painful, so effective treatments would help to improve quality of life and encourage independence.