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'Being isolated is the biggest fear as we get older'

'Being isolated is the biggest fear as we get older'
25th January 2008

Being alone and isolated is the biggest concern of the elderly, it has emerged.

Research by welfare organisation has shown that 46 per cent of people become increasingly concerned about being isolated and losing contact with friends and family.

A further 30 per cent of the elderly respondents said that securing their home against intruders was their greatest fear, while nearly a fifth fretted about not being able to complete household chores.

Mike Bingham, director of, said: "Traditionally, worries about health and maintaining independence are seen as the main concerns of the elderly.

"But it appears the next generation of elderly people will be just as concerned with their emotional well-being as their health.

Meanwhile, Help the Aged has stated that many elderly people have to rely on money from friends and family.

The charity's policy manager, Anna Pearson, told the Daily Mail that this could be avoided if the government made it easier for pensioners to receive the £4.5 billion worth of benefits which goes unclaimed each year.

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