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Barchester prides itself on "excellent care"

Barchester prides itself on
20th May 2009

The managing director of Barchester Healthcare spoke to the BBC this week to explain the ethics and aims of the organisation.

Tim Hammond made his comments to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours on May 19th, explaining that Barchester's approach is able to strike the perfect balance between running a business profitably and providing top-quality care for residents.

He explained: "We work on the basis that if we've got happy staff, well-led, well-trained, well-supported by the managers, we will be able to deliver excellent care and if we can deliver excellent care, then we know that reputation will build."

Mr Hammond added that any activities which deserve a whistle-blowing action from employees are welcomed by himself and other members of staff, as Barchester is an organisation which "runs on sound moral principles".

The managing director was keen to point out that employees at the organisation voted anonymously for Barchester to get into the top 20 Best Companies to Work For by the Sunday Times, highlighting that staff morale continues to be high.

BBC Radio 4 also congratulated Barchester Healthcare for its high ratings with the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

Last week, Karen Poulter, who works as a senior nurse with Barchester at Red Oaks in Henfield, explained to the Times how the company creates an environment which makes her look forward to each day she has with residents and staff.

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