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Barchester Healthcare top of its class

7th June 2006

Barchester Healthcare has received a glowing review recently after one reporter from the Times visited some of its centres.

Cheverton Lodge in Islington north London, was the home that managed to grab the attention of one journalist.

The home was initially praised for its attention to detail and focus on the presentation with its smart decoration and fresh flowers in reception.

Cheverton Lodge has also received recognition for its clean and friendly atmosphere, as well as its fresh food which is sourced locally wherever possible.

Mike Parsons, managing director of Barchester Healthcare, told the Times that the chain had always prided itself on the appearance of its homes and the food that is served.

He commented that he did not take the view of BUPA that older people are not concerned with an exotic or adventurous diet.

"Today's 80-year-olds have stayed in the best hotels, they've been to Spain or on a cruise. They have reasonably high expectations," he remarked.

Barchester spends more money on staffing then any other healthcare group in the UK which means it can pay chefs instead of cooks to ensure that food is of the very highest standard.

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