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Barchester brain injury centre success story

11th August 2005

A man who suffered a serious head injury in a road accident over five years ago has been released from a Barchester Healthcare top brain injury centre.

Mike Ashton, 42, was admitted to Awel-y-Mor Care Centre, Swansea in 2002 after a period spent in another care home.

Mr Ashton at the time was non-communicative, had acquired behavioural problems, had little social interaction, swallowing difficulties and advanced pressure sores.

However, after three years with Barchester Healthcare, Mr Ashton has now progressed enough to move into his own adapted bungalow near his hometown of Newport.

Over the past few months Mr Ashton, who is paralysed from the waist down, has enjoyed numerous trips to the Wetlands Wildlife Centre, shopping, and to meetings with the brain injury association Headway.

Awel-y-Mor also helped organise a full care package for Mr Ashton upon his discharge, including twenty-four hour carers who have already developed relationships with him.

Ruth Lloyd, the home care manager at Awel-y-Mor said: "Mike's move to his own house demonstrates how multi-agency working can achieve a common goal. Mike can now experience a good quality of life in his own home and enjoy the fun element of it in his own environment."