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'B12 is not a cure for MS,' says charity

30th October 2006

The Multiple Sclerosis society has spoken out in order to clarify recent research findings.

A paper that has reported similarities between vitamin B12 deficiency and multiple sclerosis (MS) has been widely mis-represented as presenting a cure for MS, according to the society.

Further, suggestions that vitamin B12 deficiency may be being mis-diagnosed as MS are unfounded, said one of the charity's head scientists.

"We know that some people with the disease have lower levels of B12 in their blood than the general population and many of them are already prescribed supplements," said Dr Lee Dunster, head of research at the MS Society.

"Dr Chandy's observations of a small number of people with MS are interesting and merit further and wider investigation. But though B12 deficiency, like some other conditions, has similar symptoms to MS, we do not see any evidence of misdiagnosis from this small sample of MS patients."

Dr Dunster advised that people who are concerned about their levels of vitamin B12 should consult their doctor or MS nurse.