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Awards for firms' gender balance initiatives

23rd March 2007

Leading firms which have made substantial efforts to raise women to senior management positions have been presented with the Catalyst Award.

Winners included PepsiCo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scotiabank and the Goldman Sachs Group.

Catalyst works towards building more inclusive business environments and opportunities for women. It is ranked number one among US non-profit organisations focused on women's issues.

Goldman Sachs was commended for its Senior Women's Initiative which has led to a substantial increase in women directors and a doubling of women partners.

PepsiCo was awarded for its initiative to encourage more women of colour into senior positions.

At the presentation event, Karen Katen, vice chairman of Pfizer, delivered a speech, 'One woman's journey to the top'. This was followed by panel discussions between the 70 companies in attendance.

Ilene H Lang, president of Catalyst, said: "When we look ahead to the future we forsee a world where business leaders will hardly recall what it was like to work in a world without women's business leadership.

"The groundbreaking initiatives which the Catalyst Award honours today will be commonplace and the business case for women in leadership will quite simply go without saying," reports Canoe Money.

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