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Author in impassioned call for urgent dementia action

Author in impassioned call for urgent dementia action
30th September 2008

The author Terry Pratchett has made an impassioned plea for more action to tackle the rising toll of dementia.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, he argued that dementia could create an "unbearable" pressure on the national health service and society as a whole.

Having been diagnosed himself with a form of Alzheimer's disease, the Discworld novelist pointed out that the condition can affect people of different ages.

Mr Pratchett said: "The toll of this nasty disease is greater than you think ... People get it in their 50s and 60s."

He continued: "If the disease is not stopped or slowed, the country will have to deal with a large population of helpless elderly."

A recent survey commissioned by the Alzheimer's Society found that many people think political parties across the spectrum should have clearer policies for older people.

Of those questioned, almost three-quarters of people could not name a party with clear policies in relation to older age groups.

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