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Arthritis barrier to exercise for elderly diabetes patients

Arthritis barrier to exercise for elderly diabetes patients
9th May 2008

New research has revealed that arthritis may be preventing elderly diabetes sufferers from getting the regular exercise they need.

Writing in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a team from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, claims that healthcare providers should ensure diabetics are getting enough of the right type of exercise without aggravating their joint pain.

It is thought that many diabetics with arthritis are wary of taking part in exercise as they are not sure what is appropriate.

Results from the research also showed that diabetics are more likely to suffer from arthritis than the general population and people with both conditions are noticeably less physically active.

"Health-care providers and public health agencies should consider addressing this barrier with arthritis-specific or general evidence-based self-management and exercise programs," the team concluded.

Previously, UK charity Arthritis Care has stated that moderate, gentle exercise can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, as can a balanced diet.