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Arthritis and cancer link discovered

28th February 2006

A team of researchers in Sweden have advanced medical understanding of the link between arthritis and cancer.

Their study discovered that severe inflammation caused the heightened risk of cancers of the lymphatic system developing, rather than treatments of rheumatoid arthritis, as had been previously believed.

Medical experts have concluded that steroid injections to reduce inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis is the key to preventing lymphatic cancer in arthritis sufferers.

"We feel probably the best thing to do is aggressively treat the disease and its inflammation," commented Dr Hayes Wilson of the Arthritis Foundation.

"By treating the disease and the inflammation, we will decrease complications and other associated diseases."

More than seven million people in the UK have arthritis or suffer from an arthritis-related condition.

The popularity of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is likely to increase in competition with other arthritis treatments, which include analgesics, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and a new generation of biological response modifiers.