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ART: Dementia must be central to political campaigns

ART: Dementia must be central to political campaigns
6th January 2010

The Alzheimer's Research Trust (ART) is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Alzheimer's Society over the future of social care in the UK.

A spokesperson for the scientific arm of treatment for the neurodegenerative disorder explained that a vast increase in funding is necessary, the government must ensure that the National Dementia Strategy will follow through with its pledge to reduce the misuse of anti-psychotic drugs.

He explained that dementia has simply not been seen as a priority to many parties for a number of years, and this must change if the UK is to save money in the short and long-term.

The representative concluded: "There has been an increase in interest over the last couple of years in dementia and research into preventative treatments and cures, but we now need to see, from all three political parties, a promise to put it at the heart of their election manifesto."

It follows the announcement last November from the Department of Health that it will be giving dementia scientists further access to funding, following the creation of a new ministerial group to tackle the issues.

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