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Arizona looks to lead Alzheimer's research

27th March 2006

Arizona is aiming to lead the way in Alzheimer's research, according to a report in the Business Journal of Phoenix.

It is hoped the Banner Alzheimer's Institute will be one of the world's leading research facilities in finding causes and cures for the disease.

The institute is set to welcome Dr Pierre Tariot, an Alzheimer's expert at University of Rochester Medical Center, to lead the clinical trials at the facility.

Dr Tariot will work in conjunction with Dr Eric Reiman, the head of the institute.

Dr Reiman will be expected to co-ordinate the efforts of Alzheimer's researchers throughout the state and produce life changing results.

"The Banner Alzheimer's Institute is specifically designed to find disease-stopping treatments in the shortest possible time and to identify ways to actually prevent Alzheimer's disease without having to lose a generation," Dr Reiman told the publication.

The institute also hopes to offer patients and their families the highest possible levels of care.