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Are you using your smartphone to improve treatment?

Are you using your smartphone to improve treatment?
18th April 2012

Patients with long-term or chronic illnesses are often given tips on things they can do to improve the effectiveness of their treatment or ease symptoms and now there seems to be a new trend is disease management.

Across the UK people are increasingly using smartphone applications to help manage their illnesses.

Dr Joseph Kim, president of Medical Communications Media and founder of, explained: "Someone who has diabetes is now able to track sugars and record that information - and can do it mobile, can do it remotely anywhere they are."

This can then be shared with a doctor and will help professionals more accurately assess a person's condition.

Being able to keep tabs in treatment will also be vital for those on lots of medication, such as arthritis patients.

It is hoped that the rise of smartphone disease management will make patients more engaged with their condition and encourage them to take control of their illnesses.

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