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Any exercise is 'great' for fighting stroke threat

Any exercise is 'great' for fighting stroke threat
2nd December 2009

Reducing the risk of stroke is best done through regular exercise, according to the leading charity on the issue.

Joanne Murphy, research liaison officer for the Stroke Association, suggested that people do at least 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week if they are to properly reduce their risk of stroke, alongside cutting down on smoking and drinking, which are known to majorly affect blood pressure.

Regarding physical activity, she continued: "People need to choose exercises that they enjoy, so that they keep it up. We recommend that it doesn't matter what exercise you choose as long as it makes you slightly out of breath and increases your heart rate."

Ms Murphy asserted that by taking it slowly at first - particularly if a person is not used to exerting themselves - then these 30-minute windows of activity is enough to reduce your risk of stroke.

It follows a report published in Neurology earlier this month, which concluded that tennis or jogging can protect men from strokes, though walking around a golf course and other light exercises do not have the same effect.

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