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Alzheimer's Society supported by charity premiere

Alzheimer's Society supported by charity premiere
17th November 2009

The Academy Award Winner of the best foreign language film of 2009 is to have a charity premiere on December 3rd, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Society.

Scheduled to take place on December 3rd at the Renoir Cinema in London, the premiere was organised by vice-president of the charity Morella Kayman-Izen.

Morella has been credited with setting up the original Alzheimer's Disease Society before it changed to the Alzheimer's Society, with the campaigner also being famed for the creation of the Alzheimer's Disease Golf Society.

According to the organisation, the film is a "delightful and sensitive journey into the heartland of Japan" and follows the "profound and sometimes comical journey with death" as one man uncovers the "wonder, joy and meaning of life and living".

Tickets are £20, with the money split 50-50 between event running costs and the charity itself.

There are 700,000 people in the UK with dementia - a number which is set to rise to one million by 2025.

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