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Alzheimer's Society: People unaware of dementia symptoms

29th May 2008

People suffering from age-related memory loss need to seek medical advice as soon as symptoms emerge, according to experts.

The Alzheimer's Society has stated that two-thirds of dementia patients in the UK are never diagnosed as they do not recognise the symptoms and therefore do not seek medical help, reports the BBC.

In an attempt to make people more aware of the signs of the condition, the charity is giving GPs across the nation posters and leaflets to display, adds the news provider.

Neil Hunt, chief executive of the society, described the lack of understanding surrounding dementia as "acute".

"By encouraging people who are worried about their memory problems to seek medical advice sooner than they might have done, we hope more people with dementia can get care early on," he added.

In related news, a study conducted at the University of California recently highlighted that a number of heart disease patients are not sufficiently aware of the signs of a heart attack, despite their increased risk of such an event.