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Alzheimer's Society: Government efforts towards dignity are encouraging

23rd May 2008

The Alzheimer's Society has responded to the government's new dignity campaign, calling the efforts "encouraging".

In a statement, Neil Hunt, the association's chief executive, highlighted that people with dementia are entitled to the same dignity and quality of care as other patients.

"People may find their dignity is compromised by problems with communication. In these situations the support of dementia trained care staff can make all the difference to their quality of life," he added.

Mr Hunt continued to say that dignity in care needs to be a key part of the upcoming dementia strategy, which is due later this year.

The government's dignity initiative will see health secretary Alan Johnson visiting regions throughout the nation to encourage health professionals to let people know what services they are entitled to.

On part of his tour he will be joined by the newly appointed ambassador for elderly dignity, Michael Parkinson.