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Alzheimer's Society: Dementia must be prioritised

Alzheimer's Society: Dementia must be prioritised
19th November 2009

The government's proposals for free home care are a big step in policy though there is still a long way to go, another charity has said.

Neil Hunt, the chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, said that free personal home care for those with the greatest needs is a very welcome development, though the implementation of the proposal will not be easy for the government.

He continued: "Money is needed to make sure people with dementia aren't being pushed into full time care earlier than needed. Quality also needs to be driven up for people to see real benefit."

And today's measures will not "fix the crumbling system of funding for social care", Mr Hunt asserted, as a number of problems still remain, most notably that the number of individuals with dementia will double in the next generation, in turn tripling costs.

The expert believes a robust system of funding that provides care at a fair price for people at any stage of their condition is very necessary.

Earlier this month, the Alzheimer's Society said that poor use of antipsychotic drugs in hospitals should have been addressed earlier, following research underlining the dangerous and deteriorating qualities of it.

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