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Alzheimer's Society applauds work of health campaigns

Alzheimer's Society applauds work of health campaigns
19th December 2008

A mainstream British charity has congratulated the proliferation of public health campaigns and their role in the safety of future generations against poor quality of life and disease.

The Alzheimer's Society responded to the announcement made by public health minister Dawn Primarolo who has announced the promotion of government guidelines for healthy eating, drinking alcohol and regular exercise.

Chief executive of the charity Neil Hunt said the risks of dementia are all elevated by poor diet, with the condition occurring in three out of every 65 people in the UK.

He continued: "Unless we tackle dementia now the consequences could break our health and social care system. We hope these campaigns will be followed by a large national campaign to raise public and professional awareness of dementia."

Several other factors can play a part in getting Alzheimer's, including genetic inheritance, old age, several theorised environmental factors and major injuries such as head or whiplash injuries.

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