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Alzheimer's Society again gains support from Capita LGS

Alzheimer's Society again gains support from Capita LGS
22nd December 2009

The Alzheimer's Society has again been selected as the charity of the year by a revenue and benefits firm.

Capita LGS' national team has supported the Alzheimer's Society through a number of initiatives this year already, including jumping out of planes, running races and even eating cakes, with the charity being particularly delighted at the news that this good work will continue for another year.

Mark Simmons, Capita LGS' lead charity champion, was congratulated by Alzheimer's Society volunteer Helen Woodruff, with the Blackburn office working particularly hard to raise £709.58 so far, adding to the fortunes of the national group, which overall has raised over £4,000 this year.

It follows reports from earlier this year that the Co-op Funeral Directors Association raised over £3,000 for the charity at their conference held at the Hilton Hotel, Gateshead.

Phil Hoggarth, the out-going national president of the organisation, said of the feat: "It is not only the individual that has to deal with this life-changing illness but like the ripples on a pond, Alzheimer's touches all, reaching out to the whole family, leaving its devastating effects in its wake."

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